So, I am discovering for myself and for everyone a new facet of art, now digital. NFT stands for non-fungible token — a digital entity that has value as a measure of payment or exchange.

First of all, here NFTs will be created as an official digital version of physical work. They will be uniquely chunked by a digital code, but may not have a single owner. It is important to understand that NFT is not a certificate verified ownership, but a separate, paired work of art, only in the digital universe. Not necessarily each picture will have its own NFT, but if it is made, then only one.

How it works. From now on, each new picture will be duplicated in the OpenSea digital space with a closed Unlocable content that will be available only to the owner of the NFT, on the other side of the physical picture there will be an NFC tag with a URL and Unlocable content, as well as just a QR code with a link.

Linking the physical and electronic essence of the work increases their value due to the entanglement of photons — each affects the other, and the owner of both is free to dispose of both as he pleases.

For owners of physical paintings, a 50% discount is provided for the initial release of NFT, as well as owners of NFT can receive the same compensation when buying a physical painting.